About Us


Are you looking for in-budget treatment in India but do not know which hospital you should approach?

Don’t worry! We will help you find the most suitable doctor for your health problem and hospitals for your treatment within given price range.

Rahaf Enterprises is one of the leading medical service facilitators in Delhi NCR. We, because of our huge experience in the field help you get complete and authentic information related to the facilities available for treatment of diseases in different top hospitals, doctors with most success rates, hospitals with best infrastructure, and more.

Our services

For the patients who are staying abroad, finding a doctor for their health problem in some foreign country could be a major task. One cannot find a suitable doctor through internet only. Again, dealing with people, who have Hindi as their native language, is one of the many problems that a foreigner may face during its visit to Delhi NCR region. We let you compare facilities and costs of treatment in various hospitals so that you could decide which hospital or doctor to approach for the treatment.

 We, in our wide range of medical tourism services, not only suggest our clients the best doctor available and hospitals for the treatment but we also provide them with an interpreter if they ask for it.  We also offer budget accommodation, arrange for necessary documentation, transport etc as part of our gamut of services. We also arrange trips to important tourist destinations and to the best shopping places for patients and their relatives on request.

Our services include:

  • Pick and drop services from the airports and hospitals
  • Free consultation
  • Documentation assistance
  • Accommodation arrangement
  • Guest houses and hotels
  • Interpreter
  • Medical tourism and travel
  • Shopping trips

Why Delhi NCR?

In Delhi there are many such hospitals that have got world class infrastructure with state-of-the-art equipments and techniques for treatment. The doctors here are also highly experienced and qualified. But why patients from all around the world prefer to come to this city for their treatment is because, in spite of the exemplary medical services they get here in the capital of India, the cost of the complete treatment is substantially low. These patients not only get their treatments done in budget prices in some of the best medical institutes in the country through some of the most experienced doctors but at the same time they enjoy visiting the popular tourist destinations of the country as well.

Why choose us

All a patient needs to do to get our medical tourism services is to contact us. We listen to our client’s different needs and arrange appointments with some best doctors available for the same after getting the patient’s acceptance for the same. Once the patient gets appointment date, we contact our client and arrange accommodation accordingly.

We offer within budget yet world class hotels or guest houses for them. We also offer pick and drop services from airport and hospitals.  Our associated hospitals like Fortis Max Gurgaon, Medanta, Artenis Hospital, Spectra Eye care, IBS Hospital etc. are known for their super specialty facilities wherein the patients could get best care and treatment for their ailments.

From the appointment to treatment, many times the patients and the people accompanied by them get enough time to have a tour to popular tourist destinations in Delhi.

That is why Rahaf Enterprises also arranges tour packages for popular tourist destinations in Delhi NCR and nearby places for you.

We are happy to serve you with smile and care.