Diagnosis With Precise


Personalized care and world class medical facilities, this is what Indian health care services are famous for throughout the world. Today patients from all around the world come to Indian for the diagnosis of their diseases and other issues, for consultation with doctors and also for getting the treatment done in comparatively cheaper cost.

Diagnosis with precision is what we promise. We avail you with advance diagnostic centres and hospitals with state of the art diagnostic equipments. MRI, X ray, CT, Doppler test, ultrasound, mammography, test for orthopaedic issues, gastroscopy, anoscopy, rectoscopy, thyroid examination, obstretic examination, breast ultrasound, prostrate ultrasound or whatever is your diagnosis related needs, healthcare service providers in Delhi are your best and most cost effective option.

We offer fast and accurate diagnosis and health check-up services along with consultation with experienced physicians. You need to send us referral note from your doctor, your previous medical reports and details about your medical history in advance.

To avail our services for diagnosis in India you do not need to do much. Just contact us and let us know about your health related issues. Provide us the required documents and we will arrange your appointment in one of the best diagnostic centres in Delhi.

Avail fast and speedy diagnosis services in India with no room of error. Our services are best-in-class and in budget. Rahaf Enterprises in its medical tourism package offers pick and drop services, free consultation, provides interpreters, arranges hotel booking and tours in Delhi and nearby tourist destinations as well.