Free Consultation


Rather than first visiting India and then consulting a number of doctors to finally single out one healthcare service provider or one medical practitioner, it is a way convenient and cheaper to talk to these people online beforehand to avoid last minute glitches.

Rahaf enterprises as part of its complete medical healthcare service offerings provides free consultation with medical practitioners in Delhi NCR region.

Avail our free consultation services first to discuss your health related issues with the professionals, way before your arrival in the city. The conversation will remain confidential. Once treatment and procedure is decided, get free consultation services to find out best hospitals that can offer you the world class treatment. Find out the rates and different expenses in all available hospitals for the same treatment and compare the cost to finalise the one that suits you best.  Now you can prebook the hospital for your treatment or any other patient. While in Delhi you can avail other services provided by us as well. Our assistance will be available to you round the clock during your treatment and stay in Delhi NCR.

Our services include free post treatment consultancy as well. Even when you are back to your country, you can still avail the follow up services.

The free consultancy service offered by Rahaf Enterprises in its medical tourism package makes the procedure easy and hassle free. No need to say, it saves a lot of time, hassles and money of the patient as well.