General Surgery


Indian hospitals have world class consultants for general surgeries and specialists for various fields of medicine. These surgeons are highly in demand and that is why people from all around the world come to India to avail their best medical services.

These practitioners perform general surgeries of various orders.  Competent surgeons perform keyhole surgeries, laparoscopy surgeries and also surgeries of higher complications.  As far as it is possible, the laparoscopy technique which is very advance and non-invasive medical technique for surgery is applied but when that is not an effective treatment for the patient’s problem, the operative methods are used.

Our partner hospitals in Delhi have surgeons that are considered some of the best surgeons in the country. These hospitals use high-end medical technologies and trends for the treatments. The world class infrastructure promises best facilities during your stay in hospitals. These hospitals also offer rehabilitation services in case you require a long term support and care after your surgery. Under the supervision of physicians and multidisciplinary medical team you get best rehabilitation services in these hospitals till the time you are complete recovered.

Our partner hospitals have general and super speciality surgeons available round the clock but you need to take appointment in advance. In comparison to any other country, the prices for the complete treatment are also very low here. Provide us with your medical history and referral notes from your current doctor and we will arrange you an appointment with world renowned specialist doctors. We will also provide you many other services in our medial tourism package.