Guest House and Hotels


If you have finally made your mind for getting treatment from hospitals in Delhi, and if now you are wondering where to stay during the whole time when you are not admitted in hospital or after you get discharged, don’t worry. Rahaf Enterprises in its medical tourism package offers best and the most cost effective accommodation booking services to you…..

We contact you to find out about your priorities and expectations related to the accommodation during your stay in Delhi. We offer you best options and let you know about the estimated costs. Once you finalise the choice of accommodation, we book it for you in advance.

The types of options we offer:

  • Hotels – For the people who prefer luxurious stay during their medical tour in India, we book hotel accommodation. We offer a range of options to our clients according to their choice and budget and book the rooms accordingly
  • Guest houses – Fro patients who look for economical accommodation during their stay in India, we have guest houses. These guest houses come with superb facilities, friendly staff and in budget rooms.
  • Bread and breakfast – Bread and breakfast are best alternatives for Delhi hotels. These types of accommodations are safe and most suitable for patients.