Max Gurgaon


Max Hospital Gurgaon is a multi-speciality hospital. It is one of the best hospitals from one of the leading hospital chains in India which is Max Healthcare. It has got chain of 13 hospitals spread across Delhi NCR region and also in other states like Uttarakhand and Punjab. The hospital has got a good number of general and ICU beds.

Why Max Hospital Gurgaon?

Max Hospital Gurgaon is one of the most popular hospitals from a trusted healthcare service provider in India, i.e. Max Healthcare. The infrastructure of the hospital is very advanced and promises world class healthcare services. The hospital has got sufficient beds, world class doctors, professional and experienced staff and of course, all the state-of-the-art healthcare equipments.

It offers completely updated healthcare facilities and a comfortable stay to the patients. Max Gurgaon even offers air ambulance service that makes it possible to transfer the patient from one hospital in a city to other in another city or same city without any problem in case of emergency.

Specialities of the hospital

Max Hospital is one of the top ranked multi-speciality hospitals in India which offer a wide range of speciality services. The specialities of the hospital include Andrology, Neuroscience, IVF, Speech therapy, Cardiology, Dermatology, ENT, Endocrinology, Eye care, Gastroenterology, Internal medicine, physiotherapy, pulmonology,   podiatry, paediatric, metal health and behavioural science and many more.