Medanta Hospital


Medanta is one of the largest multi super speciality hospitals located in Gurgaon, DelhI NCR. It is renowned for providing highest standards of medical facilities and health care services.

The different institutes functioning within the hospital are: Heart Institute, Institute for Neuroscience, Bone and joint institute, Kidney and Urology institute, Cancer Institute, institute for critical care, institute for Anaesthesiology, institutes for digestive and hepatobiliary science, institute for neuroscience, liver transplant, regenerative medicine, kidney and Urology and there is also institute for robot surgery.

Apart from this various department of hospital include: department of endocrinology, diabetes,  ENT, head neck surgery, Internal medicine, ophthalmology, plastic and reconstructive surgery, department of pathology, department of psychotherapy, radiology, emergency and trauma care etc.

Why choose Medanta?

  • One of the most trusted names in healthcare service providers in India
  • Multi super speciality service provider
  • State of the art technology
  • Skilled and experienced team of doctors and staff
  • World class facilities
  • Friendly hospital staff
  • Offers a range of health care services

Medanta has got 1250 beds including 350 critical care beds and this hospital also has 45 Operation Theatres. Some of the world’s best and renowned doctors are part of the health care team that treats the patients here. The hospital uses most advanced machines and cutting edge technologies for the treatment of life threatening diseases.