Paediatric Clinic


In India you can get Paediatric health care services in very comfortable rates and in Delhi, the capital city, best hospitals with world class infrastructure are available. That is why most of the medical tourists prefer hospitals in Delhi NCR over best hospitals in their own countries.

People from all over the world come to Delhi to visit and consult with some of the most experienced and skilled medical practitioners for children healthcare. Be it behaviour health of your child or any kind of physical disorder, be it allergy or breathing disorder, from neuro surgery to corrective surgery for kids, whatever is your requirement, in this city you can easily find best medical practitioner for the same.

We have a number of hospitals and some speciality clinics as our partners that offer world class Paediatric services. These clinics have well qualified medical practitioners, a very punctual and friendly staff, cutting edge health care technology, world class infrastructure and best medical facilities to offer you.  Your child gets best treatment in a very caring environment of these clinics.

If you want a specialist for your kid, contact us now. Send us the medical history of your child and referral note from your previous doctor. Rahaf Enterprises in its medical health tourism services suggests you the best options you have in Delhi for the same, We will arrange free consultation with paediatricians, book your appointment in advance, arranges pick and drop services  and also offer trips to most popular tourist and shopping destination in Delhi NCR and elsewhere in India.