Providing Documentation


Getting treatment in Delhi is not just flying to the country and getting admission in the hospital for treatment. It involves a complete procedure and during this procedure a number of documents are required to be presented to different officials and departments.

To make the procedure easy and hassle free Rahaf Enterprises provides almost all necessary documents to its clients and support to get the needed documents. These documents include registration papers, Health insurance, medical record transfer to the hospital, airport transfer, medical clearance, medical Visa, Visa for the attendants and the family members, certificates from the hospitals related to the treatments etc.

However the patient needs to provide some of the documents to the company to avail over healthcare tourism package services. These documents include previous health records and preliminary medical advice documents from the home country.

We also provide you complete assistance in getting medical Visa in India. Many times visa is required to be extended in case the treatment takes longer time than expected and for that patient needs to approach the ministry of home affairs. Rahaf Enterprises as part of its complete medical tourism services offers assistance in these kinds of procedures and helps in getting you the required documents in good time so that you can have hassle free treatment and enjoy your stay in India during your treatment.